How to Prevent an Overdose?

Naloxone can reverse the effects of opioid overdose and save a persons life.
Naloxone = Narcan
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What to do when someone is having an overdose:
  • Try to wake person up by yelling their name and rubbing the middle of their chest hard.
  • Call 911 right away. Give the address and say your friend is not breathing.
  • Try rescue breathing (see "What to do for an overdose card" on the right):
    • Make sure nothing is in person's mouth.
    • Tilt their head back, lift chin, pinch nose shut.
    • Give 1 slow breath every 5 seconds until they start breathing.
  • Use Narcan if you or someone else has it. You may need more than one dose.
  • Put the person on their side so that they don't choke.
  • Stay until the ambulance arrives (this is best), or leave the door open.
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If someone overdoses, ALWAYS call 911!
You may be legally protected in this situation under your state's Good Samaritan Law.
Where can I get Naloxone?


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