Dealing with Angry / Threatening patients

This algorithm suggests actions to implement when a patient on chronic opioids exhibits angry or threatening behavior.  The algorithm comes from a Delphi study in which a panel of experts developed consensus over four rounds of structured discussion.

The algorithms include Recommended actions, which had full consensus of the experts as items to implement, and Not Recommended actions, which had the full consensus of actions NOT to do.  The Consider items could be implemented, depending on the specifics of the situation.  
Aggressive Behavior
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Merlin JS, Young SR, Starrels JL, Azari S, Edelman EJ, Pomeranz J, Roy P, Saini S, Becker WC, Liebschutz JM. Managing Concerning Behaviors in Patients Prescribed Opioids for Chronic Pain: a Delphi study. J Gen Int Med, 2018 Feb:33(2):166-176.